Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management – Is Your Reputation Working Against You?

Have you ever checked out a company’s reputation before you shopped there?

A business’ reputation today is often dominated by what is written online about them.  For example, the reviews written on sites like Google+ or Yelp can be a big factor in their reputation and thus their ability to get new customers.   It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you but these rating sites rank very high when you put in the most general search terms for most products and services and come up extremely high when someone Googles a business by its name.

For example, have you ever Googled a business name?  Besides the business’ website coming up, there are usually at least a few review sites with customer reviews for the business.  Guess what?  Sometimes a business you know well has bad evaluations despite what you know to be true.  How much is that costing them?

Worse than the rating sites with bad evaluations are the scam sites.  Type in a business and the word “scam” into Google and see what happens.  Any disgruntled customer (or worse, a disgruntled former employee or even a competitor putting up a bogus “scam”) can write a very powerful negative review and even if the company later satisfies the customer’s complaint, the scam site listing stays there for the world to see in perpetuity.

Online Reputation Management services is a special service that addresses the types of issues and attempts to mitigate the affect of these issues.  At Low Hanging Fruit Internet Marketing we have been involved with Reputation Management services for some time and have developed best in class proprietary methods that increase positive reviews for businesses and can push these “scam” sites off the first page and away from the eyes of potential customers.

Every business should Google themselves by the business name, by the name plus the word “scam” and by the most common keyword to see how they rank and do so on a regular basis.  Smart companies are putting into place programs today to begin to accumulate good reviews so the odd bad review that comes along will be diluted by significant and regular good reviews.  We have a proprietary method to get those reviews for your business that naturally filters out most of the bad ones before they get posted.

Online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google are the new battleground for Internet business!  Talk to us about it.