Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are a new and important way to enhance your Google, Bing and Yahoo listings. We are sure that you have already seen this but you may not know what it was or how to implement it.

Authorship rich snippet

The thumbnail picture and the line “by David Perecman” is an example of a “Authorship” rich snippet.

What Are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are the result of a collaboration of the major search engines to develop a standard set of schemas of microdata or what is also called structured data.  This way web developers and the search engines can agree on a format of data and a set of rules that web developers can use to pass data to search engines.  In this example, the web developer set up this website to communicate to Google who the author of this website is and what they look like.  There are a number of different schemas of Rich Snippet that have been defined but only a subset of them are supported by the search engines.  Being supported by the search engines means that the search engines do something with them either from a search result display or a search engine optimization way.

At this point in time, the most significant Rich Snippets that are supported by the search engines are Authorship (like the above example), Reviews, Recipes, Events and a few others.  Here are examples of what Reviews, Recipes and Events Rich Snippets look like:

RIch Snippet Review
Rich Snippet Recipe
Rich Snippet Event

Why Implement Rich Snippets

Implementing Rich Snippets today comes down to one key thing:  Having Rich Snippets in the search engine results for your website will result in a higher click-through rate than sites that don’t have it. Its that simple.  Take a look for yourself.  Click here to Google “Accident Lawyers New York”.  Don’t the lawyers with a photograph jump out at you more than those that don’t have the photo? Check out the results for Google Strawberry Smoothie Recipe, are the recipes with reviews more compelling to the consumer?  We think so.

Look at the Google results for “Plastic Surgery Miami”.  Notice how in a very competitive niche, the sites without photos are the ones left behind.

From a search engine optimization perspective, using rich snippets will improve what Google sometimes calls the richness of the web experience and while it does not seem to much of a factor in a website’s ranking, we expect it to be included in the index.


Rich Snippets Consultants

Implementing Rich Snippets which is an emerging area of Internet marketing technology that still hasn’t met widespread adoption despite its obvious benefits.  The reason for this is that the implementation and the adherence to all of Google’s guidelines for incorporation into their index can be difficult and complex.  We at Low Hanging Fruit Internet Marketing are here to help.  We have successfully implemented the various formats of Rich Snippets for a range of clients and offer strategy and implementation services.