Our SEO Manifesto

Is SEO a Scam?

Surprisingly, it isn’t a simple question with a simple answer.

SEO services can improve your page rank and even get your website to that page 1 that you have been dreaming of.  However, many times SEO fails to achieve your goals or the techniques and methods that are employed by SEO services/consultants don’t move you efficiently up in the rankings.  You do achieve page 1 status but you get there much slower and with more fees paid than you expected or you want.

I have a few pet peeves about this industry and they way the industry handles clients.  I set up this company to serve those who would appreciate a team that both knows what it is doing and is willing to do it differently, correctly. We started this business with a promise to ourselves and our clients to do SEO the right way and that is not by competing with the other providers that are out there in the way that we do business.  We have been fortunate that we have found a number of clients who have been burned by other SEO firms or who just recognize the way that the industry has failed them.

What do I mean by these pet peeves about the industry?  This is what I know about the industry:

Firstly, there are quite a number of SEO companies that do not change their methods in response to the constant changes that Google and the other SEs make in their algorithms.  For example in February of 2011, Google rolled out its “Panda” algorithm and that had a really big impact of people’s page ranking.  The vast majority of SEO companies have still not changed their methods to accommodate these changes.  They are selling relatively ineffective services.  Part of the reason why they are selling this ineffective service is that they don’t know better and part of the reason is that they are afraid to tell the client the truth and then do things differently. The Google Panda change is just one example of the constant changes that effect this industry.  To optimize a search engine result, your consultant has to be constantly up on the changes that are taking place on all of the big three engines. There are changes to the algorithms monthly, if not weekly.

Second, the whole industry is about recurring monthly revenue and as such, other companies are all about getting clients to sign six month contracts and then get contract renewals.  They then skew their efforts to give a “hockey stick” of significant results in toward the end of the contract so they can claim “progress” and that “you really should renew because we are now just starting to see the results of our efforts.”  This is usually all a big lie.  Most clients can get lots of results in the first two or three months if only the SEO companies would be happy with results tailoring off or holding steady in the last few months of the contract.  They know it would be a lot harder to sell that contract renewal that way. They are, quite frankly, manipulating the results to maximize their own revenue. We don’t work that way.  Talk to us and we will explain to you how we prefer to work–earning your continued business EVERY month and EVERY day.

Thirdly (and the list can go on and on), optimizing your search engine results is not a one size fits all kind of thing.  It is highly customized project based on your site, its content and design, your competitors, their sites and the behavior of the prospective clients that are entering queries into the search engines.  It is about your particular situation.  It is not about how many back links being built per month, how many index submissions and how many social bookmarks being built.  It is about building the right back links and other website gravity changes for YOUR situation, it is about making the site changes for your situation and it is a highly customized solution.

Finally, nobody can promise a certain result because there are too any exogenous variables.  What I mean by this is that no one can really promise you results on page one unless they have a crystal ball and knows what your competitors are doing and will do, what Google is doing and how your prospective clients may change their behavior.  There is simply too much lying in this industry.  We tell the truth, we make our best efforts for our clients and we usually get them the results that they are hoping for.  Sometimes we don’t.  There, we said it! Most importantly, we communicate with our clients all along the way.

We are SEO consultants, not an SEO service.  Contact us and let’s see if we are a fit to work together.  We are not a fit to every client. If not, good luck with your future endeavors.