Do you know the six month contract game played by SEO firms?  Here is how it works.  They make a bunch of promises for fantastic results but they require a six month commitment from you.  Then, remarkably, their are no significant results until month 5 rolls around which is just when they begin to discuss the renewal of the contract.  Great deal, isn’t it?

The problem with this approach is that many unscrupulous SEO firms are holding off the results of their work so that it looks like a hockey stick–slow growth during months 1-4 and then a sudden jump up in month 5 or 6 when the renewal is ready to be discussed.   The problem with all that is that you have just wasted 4 months of opportunity getting lower results than you could have if they worked honestly with you.

We don’t work this way.  It is our mission to get you results as fast as possible so you can achieve your business objectives as fast as possible and make money as soon as possible.

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