Typically, an SEO service provides an alá carte menu of things that they will do for your website each month.  The promise to create so many dozen’s of links, videos, social bookmarks, etc. for a varying amount of money they promise more or less of these services.  We are SEO consultants.  We think there is a big difference.

The problem with these types of services is that they aren’t tailored to your needs, your website and the competitive landscape.  All the link building in the world isn’t going to help you in many situations.  In fact, more and more, the quantity of links don’t make the difference at all.  It is the quality of the link and the precision of their placement–the way they are placed–that makes all the difference.  Many clients come to us after their SEO firm has built hundreds, if not thousands, of links and it still hasn’t gotten them the placement that they want.  Usually, it just requires changing the SEO approach slightly to get client’s the results they are looking for.

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