Google+ Local

The newest battleground in search Internet marketing is the way that the big three search engines are now handling search results for local business searches.  Each of the search engines has their own local directory function–the most well known is Google+ Local (formerly ) Google Places.  Type in the name of a category and a location such as Florist Orlando and you will get a section of “Places” listings based on Google’s new local approach.  Your Google Places listing and how it is ranked is another type of search optimization service that we offer because it is distinct from a standard organic search rank optimization.  It is unlike traditional SEO in that it ranks sites based on a wide variety of triggers that are very unlike the organic results.  The fact that Google and the other search engines place their “local directory” function so prominently means that it creates a big obstacle to organic search results depending on the keyword.  For many businesses, they require both organic search result optimization (SEO) and Google+ Local optimization.

Only certain keywords in certain markets trigger the inclusion of the directory listings and optimizing the local listings is a very important part of search engine marketing for many kinds of businesses.